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OCT 4TH IM LEAVING & IM NOT COMIN BACK* DEALS TODAY 80$HH* 160$HR* INCALL** 70$HH* 150$HR CARCALL & I. know a safe spot where no one will see us at all day light or night .. - 38

  •  Niagara 2899680104
  •  Niagara 2899680104
Posted: 24.09.2022 09:09 PM
Age: 38
Phone: 289-968-0104
City: Niagara
Location: Location:Β Niagara FALLS (downtown)
there!! IM JENN πŸ₯° πŸ”₯πŸ”₯HERE VISITING.. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ i know alot of u may know me and know that i am a clean n beautiful amazing woman.. also i do as i say n im open and very very honest.. im going to Stratford on the 31 at the end of this month!! im gonna miss alot of you and im sure ur gonna miss me as well* For those who have not seen me well than OH MY UR IN FOR A TREAT.. im easy going not into DRAMA or BS or GAMES.. im just a sexy girl that enjoys what she does and i love to give u all your needs and fastacy n w.e comes in mind"* please know i do have a strap on n i use it on my clients but i clean it very good with hand sanatizer and i put condoms on them and i have anal oil or u less you may want to do it with yours than thats great.. i just want everyone to be happy and get what they want.. please know that alot of men have asked me to do bareback and i feel it is not safe at all..i was goin through the adds myself and i seen 6 girls that are from the falls that are doing bareback everything and this and that and Niagara falls is not a big city so alot of ppl knows alot of ppls business..and these 6 girls witch i will not say who they are have HIV and i can not believe on how selfish they can be known that alot of you men have wifes and families and all u want is a great time cause sometimes things at home dont go the way it should be..and we all have needs of course so its best to be safe n the part of it all is lets just say a man goes with a woman today n they do bareback..and than a few days later he finds a next girl n they do the same .. how are u goong to know where u got it from if you are not being safe my theory is ots best that we all stay safe so no one goes around hurting others bbbj is oo ok as long as ur hygiene is amazing n u dont cum in my mouth cause again i dont know who u slept with or what u do cause again i meet different ppl ever day!! And i love job n im going to miss alot ..and of course your going to miss me alot more lol .. but im here til the 31 end of this month so if u haven't seen me well at least heres your chance... also some hacked my add right on my BIRTHDAY can you believe that .. i so wanted to see you guys on my birthday cause its better than spending it alone i tell u but its life and what can we do other than have fun cause you only live once so why throw me a text and i promise it will the best ❀️❀️ you know relax have some fun both of us with amazing hygiene.. what more can you ask for cause FUN FUN thats what it is to me ... i hate when ppl say oh i gotta go do a job 🀠 like really i hate that term .. its called hey ill catch up with you ppl later cause im going out you know cause im going to have a great time have some fun .. you know .. any ways i really hope to hear from u i truly do and i appreciate those who have read my add and hopefully understand.. i would of been in Stratford a while ago but my brother had passed away on the day i was leaving.. well i took a few weeks off and im back for the next 10 days or so .. well its up to u handsome you know what to do... im only a text away n also for my car calls i have an amazing spot its safe n no one came see us .. what the heck we can even do it out side if u r down cause its very very safe n trust ive been there so many times and lots of memories there i tell u... so if u want to make some more well thats up to u dont shy lets enjoy life well were all still alive and kicking around..cause like i said u only live one caise twice would just be a blessing.. so think about the positive.. and leave the negative behind u where u left it .. cause im a happy go lucky girl and i love life .. the smell of flowers .. the taste of my pussy cause its just so sweet and of course me sucking your cock like its the fourth of july and everyone could only feel that feeling that your feeling at that moment.. as it goes on n on .. as it only gets better.. now thats what im talking about!! well hope to see u before i go .. but if not im sure u will dream of me lol ..xoxo hppave a wonderful day n i cant wait to see you!! xoxo IM GOING TO MISS U ALL SO MUCH & I WILL BE BACK TO. VISIT U ALL AGAIN SOME DAY!!%

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